The Poison Tree

Director: Marek Losey
Producer: Madonna Baptiste
Executive Producer: Margaret Enefer, Emilia di Girolamo
Writer: Erin Kelly
Screenwriter: Emilia di Girolamo
Cinematographer: Balazs Bolygo
Editor: Colin Sumsion
Production Company: STV & ITV Studios
Genre: Thriller
Release date: December 2012

THE POISON TREE follows translator Karen Clarke, played by MyAnna Buring (TWILIGHT SAGA, KILL LIST), a haunted woman who will go to extraordinary lengths to protect her family and the secrets that she keeps from them. Brief flashbacks to the past will tell Karen’s story; that of an ordinary girl thrown into an extraordinary world.

As Karen first meets the glamorous Biba played by Ophelia Lovibond (NO STRINGS ATTACHED)and her brother Rex played by Matthew Goode (WATCHMEN, STOKER) in one long summer of love, but quickly becomes tangled up in their tragic family history with the romantic idyll turning into a nightmare, one that haunts her to the present day.