13 Steps Down

Director: Marek Losey
Producer: Neil Zeigler
Executive Producers: Alan Moloney, Mary Callery, Adrian Hodges
Writer: Ruth Rendell
Screenwriter: Adrian Hodges
Cinematographer: Seamus Deasy
Editor: Colin Sumsion
Production Company: Parallel Films & ITV Studios
Genre: Thriller
Release date: August 2012

Based on Ruth Rendell’s best selling novel, Luke Treadaway (ATTACK THE BLOCK, CLASH OF THE TITANS) and Geraldine James (SHERLOCK HOLMES, THE GIRL WITH THE DRAGON TATTOO) star in this unusual and macabre thriller alongside the ensemble cast of Gemma Jones (HARRY POTTER, BRIDGET JONES DIARY), Anna Calder Marshall (DOCTOR WHO, WUTHERING HEIGHTS), Maryam d’Arbo (DORIAN GRAY, THE LIVING DAYLIGHTS) and Elarica Gallagher (HARRY POTTER, TOP BOY).

Mix Cellini is old lady Miss Chawcer’s tenant. He lives in the top floor flat of her home, Blaise House, a huge Victorian villa. The building lies untouched in a forgotten corner of Notting Hill, an island of decaying dignity in a sea of mediocrity

But Mix is no ordinary tenant, he harbours secret obsessions with prolific 1950’s Notting Hill serial killer John Reginald Christie and local celebrity model Nerrisa Nash.

As Mix’s obsessive investigation into Christie’s life continues, he discovers a dark secret from Miss Chawcer’s past. Could Christie be connected to Blaise House? As ghostly events start to unfold, Mix’s obsession with Nerrisa Nash deepens. Now Mix begins to wonder what Christie would have done to win Nerrisa’s affections. Our story concludes with a unexpected and darkly murderous outcome.

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