Director: Marek Losey
Producer: Sharon Bloom
Executive Producer: Phillippa Giles
Screenwriter: Matt Arlidge
Cinematographer: James Friend
Editor: Colin Fair
Production Company: BBC Drama
Genre: Thriller
Release date: January 2015

Marek’s episodes of the BBC1 flagship drama, SILENT WITNESS, staring acclaimed actress Emilia Fox (THE PIANIST, DORIAN GREY) sees a shootout at a exclusive London hotel that leaves Ukrainian nanny Sofia Teplov dead, along with an unknown hitman. The Russian oligarch target Maksim Bazhanov narrowly escapes. Nikki and Jack work with young City DI Sarah Parks to ascertain the identity of the dead hitman and find out who is trying to kill Bazhanov and why. Jack is drawn to Sarah, impressed by her ability to juggle work and family when he finds out her daughter has a rare childhood cancer. The discovery of the hitmen’s identities as ex-army frustrates the team when they realise they could have been hired by any number of paymasters.