Dying Brave

Director: Marek Losey
Producer: Sophie Losey
Story by: Patrick Moore
Screenwriters: Patrick Moore & Marek Losey
Production company: Zealous Films Ltd
Genre: Adventure drama
Status: In development


Maurice knows two things for certain; he’s going to die and he doesn’t want an undignified death. He has one final wish to fulfil, to travel to Indian Territory in the California desert to spread his wife’s ashes; things take a surprising turn with the arrival of a guest, now he must take his troubled granddaughter along for the ride. As hidden truths emerge, Maurice starts to understand that the biggest event in his life is unfolding before him.

Set in the stunning California desert, DYING BRAVE is an ambitious high concept drama about a man confronting unresolved family relationships as he travels deep in to Indian territory. As the historical magic of the land presents itself to him, he must take one last great adventure as he faces up to his own mortality. The project is currently under development.