Brief Encounter

Director: Marek Losey (Episodes 3&4)
Producer: Jo Willett
Executive producers: Arabella McGuigan, Oriane Messina, Fay Rusling, Danielle Lux
Screenplay: Oriane Messina, Fay Rusling
Cinematographer: Tim Palmer (Episodes 3&4)
Editor: Colin Sumsion (Episodes 3&4)
Composer: Mark Thomas
Production company: CPL Productions/ITV Studios
Distributor: Sony Pictures Television
Genre: Period drama/comedy
Original airdate: 4 July 2016
Original ITV trailer for the 6 part TV drama Brief Encounters.
Plot outline – In the early 1980s the lives of four ordinary women, their husbands, mothers, families and community are turned around when they become Ann Summers party plan saleswomen.